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How to Access AESOP
Phone:     1-800-942-3767

Ed Ops Staff Resources

Educational Options Staff Resources

Behavior Support Plan for Ed Ops Students

Behavior Support Plan

For immediate assistance:
Use an Ed Ops radio on Channel 2 or dial x4099 from any FUHSD phone

For non-immediate behavior support, Hugo Cervantes x4020 and Laura Gonzales x2292 are your first points of contact. 

Other Support:

  1. Amanda Evans, Ed Ops Support Specialist........ 408-522-2208 (x 2208)
  2. Laura Gonzales (M-Th), Dean of Ed Ops............ 408-522-2292 (x 2292)
  3. Alison Coy, Director. of Ed Ops........................... 408-522-2275 (x 2275)
  4. Sue Atkinson, Prog Admin: SpEd........................ 408-366-7771 (x 7771)
  5. Nancy Sullivan, Dir. of  Ed & Sp Services............ 408-522-2232 (x 2232)

Sunnyvale Police Department Dispatch: 408-730-7180

If it is safe to do so, call Amanda, Hugo, or Admin before calling dispatch. They will make police contact for you.

If no Admin can be reached before calling, or if you cannot safely delay, then call. Tell Amanda, Hugo, or Admin ASAP that police were called.

After calling dispatch, notify the front desk at x2200, so they can direct police if necessary.

Referral for Admin Support

If a student continues to display problematic behaviors in your class, fill out a Referral for Next Level of Support to bring an Admin in on the situation.

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Suicide Prevention & Intervention

Intervening with a Suicide Threat

Take all suicide threats seriously!

A suicide threat is to be handled as a crisis intervention and potential medical emergency.

If a student has threatened suicide directly or indirectly, the following procedures are to be followed:

  1. Stay with the student or designate another staff member to supervise the youth constantly and without exception until help arrives.
  2. Under no circumstances should you allow the student to leave school.
  3. Do not agree to keep a student’s suicidal intentions a secret.
  4. If a student has the means to carry out the threatened suicide on his or her person, determine if he or she will voluntary relinquish it. Do not force the student to do so.  Do not place yourself in danger.
  5. Notify the Student Advocate, Alisa Dunlap immediately at x2239. If Alisa is not available, contact another on-site resource (see below).
  6. Take the suicidal student to Alisa Dunlap.
  7. Notify an available administrator immediately.
  8. Inform the suicidal youth that outside help has been called and describe what the next steps will be. 


Student Advocate

Alisa Dunlap


School Psychologist

Daniel Murphy



Laura Gonzales



Alison Coy


Guidance Counselor

Kate West



Susan Lake


Student Support Specialist

Hugo Cervantes                  


*Adapted from material found in Suicide Prevention Program for California Public Schools.  A document published in 1987 by the California State Department of Education.

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Mandated Reporting (CPS Reporting)


All Ed Ops staff are mandated reporters according to California state law. FUHSD provides mandatory annual training on mandated reporting for all staff.

  • If you suspect abuse, you must make a verbal report by phone to the Child Abuse and Neglect Center.
    • San Jose area: (408) 299-2071
  • You must also submit a written Suspected Child Abuse Report within 36 hours.
    • Click to download the Suspected Child Abuse Report form
    • Click to download Suspected Child Abuse Report instructions.
    • Mail the report to:
      • Santa Clara County Department of Family and Children's Services
        Child Abuse and Neglect Center
        373 West Julian St. - Second Floor
        San Jose CA 95110
    • Or submit by FAX to 408-975-5851

This information and more can be found at the Santa Clara County Social Services Agency's Mandated Reporter website.

If you have questions or concerns at any time about a possible mandated report, see your Admin or Alisa Dunlap, Student Advocate.

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Ed Ops Calendar & Program Schedules

Frequently Referenced Calendars & Schedules:

Click to download the Ed Ops School Calendar

Click to download the Ed Ops Staff Meeting Calendar

Click to download the Ed Ops and CS Bell Schedules:

Click for directions on viewing the shared Ed Ops Events calendar

Click to download the Night School Calendar

Click to download the FUHSD Payroll Calendar

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Concurrent Enrollment with De Anza College

Process for Ed Ops Students Taking De Anza Classes:

Once a student, in consultation with teacher and Ed Ops Guidance Counselor/Resource Teacher, decides to take De Anza class(es), take steps as follows:

If student wishes to receive credits toward high school graduation, continue to steps below:

  • Student/family fill out FUHSD Request for Credit from Outside Institution form and submit to Administrator for approval.
  • Approved Outside Credit forms go to Ed Ops Registrar, who documents in Ed Ops “Pending De Anza Credits” list, then files in Pending Credits binder in Ed Ops Office.
  • Student completes course.
  • At end of each De Anza term, Ed Ops Registrar sends Pending De Anza Credits list to MC Guidance Counselor, who pulls grades from De Anza computer system and posts to FUHSD transcript, then notifies Ed Ops Registrar. 
  • Once grades are posted to FUHSD transcript, Ed Ops Registrar pulls documents from Pending Credits binder and files them in cum folder.
  • Ed Ops Registrar sends updated FUHSD transcript to teacher and Ed Ops Guidance Counselor/Resource Teacher.

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Staff Contact Information

DO and School Site Contact List:

Click to download the DO and Site Contact List

Accessing the Ed Ops Staff Contact List:

Because the Ed Ops Staff Contact Information document contains staff members' personal cell phone numbers, we have not posted it here. Please visit the Ed Ops Staff Shared Folder for the most updated version.

Jump to: Shared Folder for Ed Ops Staff.

Ed Ops Staff Roles

Looking for support and not sure who to go to with your question or need?

This chart tells you who can best help: Ed Ops Support Services Quick Reference Chart

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Ed Ops Events Shared Calendar

Ed Ops Events Calendar on Outlook

In our ongoing efforts to improve sharing of information between programs, we’ve set up a shared Ed Ops Events calendar on Outlook. We hope this will be a great way to keep each other informed of the guest speakers, special events, etc. that you’re all bringing in for your students. In addition, we'll post testing and other important events so that you can plan around them.

Below is a download link for easy, step-by-step illustrated instructions to access the Ed Ops Events calendar the first time. You'll only have to do this once; from then on it'll be just a check-box away.

When you have events you’d like to add, please email the details and Amanda will post for you:

  1. Name of Event (& short description if not self-evident)
  2. Date, Start and End Times
  3. Location
  4. Staff member people can contact with questions
  5. Who is the event open to?

How to access the Ed Ops Events calendar

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Emergency Food & Housing Resources

These are just a small sampling of the resources available in the community. Please always make a referral to the Student Advocate for additional resources and support.

Emergency Shelters

Cold Weather Shelters Program 2016-17

Community Resources for Emergency Food

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Field Trip Procedure

Ed Ops Field Trip Planning Timeline & Approval Procedure

When planning a Field Trip, please observe the timeline below. If you have trouble with the digital forms or any questions about the field trip process, contact Laura Gonzales or Amanda Evans in the Ed Ops Office.

NOTE: Arranging a private bus requires at least 4 weeks lead time.

4+ weeks prior to proposed Field Trip date:

  • Plan your trip
    • Identify purpose of trip
    • Develop itinerary
    • Determine transportation needs (remember, private bus reservations require at least 4 weeks’ notice)
    • Identify funding source(s)

At least 3 weeks prior to proposed Field Trip date (4 weeks if traveling by private bus):

On approval of Field Trip by Ed Ops Admin and FUHSD Business Office:

  • Communicate field trip plans to students and parents and distribute Parent/Guardian Field Trip Permission and Medical Authorization
    • Tip: Print one copy and fill in all your trip information, then. make copies for students/parents.
  • If students will miss classes with other teachers, have each student complete a Trip Permit.
    • This ensures that each of the student’s teachers knows the student will be gone the day of your trip. If the teacher does not feel it is in the student’s best interest to miss class, the teacher can communicate this to the student and parent by marking “not advisable”.
    • Tip: Fill out the top portion of the Trip Permit and photocopy back-to-back with the Parent/Guardian Field Trip Permission and Medical Authorization form so that students only have to return one sheet of paper.
  • If transporting students in private vehicles:
  • If any non-staff adults will go on the trip:

Week of Field Trip:

  • Collect permission forms, private car travel forms, volunteer waivers.
  • Confirm private bus reservation details with Ed Ops Office.

Two Days before Field Trip:

  • Email Amanda a list of students expected to attend the field trip.
    • Scan both sides of permission forms and attach to email.

Day of Field Trip (immediately prior to departure):

  • For attendance purposes, call or email Amanda and inform her which students are present and going on the field trip.

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Food Services

Ed Ops Food Services:

Hugo (or another designee) will be driving over twice per day to FHS to pick up our food orders.

Brunch will be picked up from FHS at 9:10 a.m.

  • (FHS Brunch Mon @9:26 a.m.; T/W @ 8:59 a.m.; Th/F @9:11 a.m.)

Lunch will be picked up at 11:10 a.m.

  • FHS Lunch Mon @ 11:40 a.m.; T/W @ 11:35 a.m.; Th/F @ 11:11 a.m.)

Food will be in our kitchen (either in the cooler or the warmer) by 9:40 a.m. for brunch and 11:40 a.m. for lunch.

In order to make this go smoothly for all parties involved, here are the expectations for this school year.

  • Food orders will be entered daily.
    • Food orders for BRUNCH AND LUNCH must be entered into the Google doc NO LATER THAN 3:30PM THE DAY BEFORE.
  • Each morning, based on that day’s attendance, update the Google document by 9:05 a.m. (for brunch) and by 11:05 a.m. (for lunch) AND email Paula and Hugo if there are any changes to let them know what orders have ben canceled and/or added. This is important so that food is not wasted and/or picked up and hauled over here unnecessarily.
  • Only order food for a student if the student has placed the order or asked you for it. Do not order for them. If food is ordered by the student, the food needs to be delivered to the student. Please do not return the food and say, “They didn’t want it.” If they ordered it, they must take it. What they do with it (throw it away, eat it, give it to someone else) is their business, but if they asked for it, they  must take it. Please impress upon students that if they don’t want the food, they shouldn’t order it.
  • Initials are critical! Please initial when the student is given the meal.
  • Students will pick up their food in their program, just as they did last year. For OnLine Learning (OLL) classes, they will pick up in Dana’s classroom. Please communicate this to the students so they know when and where to pick up food.
  • Brunch should only be ordered for students who are here during the brunch period (staying after 1st to eat or arriving before 2nd to eat). Brunch orders should be canceled for students who usually attend Period 1 but are not here by 9:05 a.m. Cereal is always an option for late students (because there is no waste).
  • Lunch should only be ordered for students who are here during the lunch period (staying after 3rd to eat or arriving before 4th to eat).
  • You cannot order brunch for lunch or lunch for brunch.
  • Juice, milk, cereal and fruit will be left on site in the kitchen. Only take what is ordered and accounted for on the Google document. Milk, juice, cereal, fruit, and utensils are NOT a free for all. We have these items on site to lighten the load being hauled over each day. Paula still must account for all those products, so only take what is ordered and initialed on the Google doc.
  • Please make sure the door to the kitchen is locked as you come and go. Your Ed Ops key opens it.
  • To add money to a student’s account, put the money in a sealed envelope with the student’s name, ID number and program on it, and give it to Hugo. It’s a lot easier to load the account with a decent amount of money rather than in daily increments (i.e. add $20.00 instead of $1.50 each day).
  • A full price student brunch costs $3.00. A full price student lunch costs $4.50.
  • Tips: Cereal, parfaits, and bagels (which are coming fresh from House of Bagels this year) stay good even though prepared in advance of service. Deli sandwich is a good lunch option (comes with fruit and chips, write “plus side salad” to include salad as well). What a deal!
  • Students can always have a side salad with their lunch meal. Please write in “plus side salad” into the google document next to their lunch order if the student wants the salad.
  • PB&J is back for lunch. They need to take the full meal if they want this option (sandwich, salad, fruit and milk).
  • Brunch Includes:
    • Main dish, piece of fruit (offered, not required) and a drink.
  • Lunch Includes:
    • Main dish, piece of fruit and/or veggie (both must be offered; one is required) and a drink.
    • (If main dish choice is a sandwich, chips will also be included.)

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Forms & Files


Frequently used forms:

If there are other forms you'd like to see on this webpage, please send an email.

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Low-Cost Phone & Internet

Free and low-cost internet, cell phone, and home phone services available to students who can show proof of need. (Participation in free lunch program, medi-cal, Cal-Fresh, low income, etc.)

Low-Cost Internet Service

Free or Low-Cost Cell Phone or Home Phone

Intake Forms

Forms required at student intake/reactivation:

  • Emergency form - 2 options:
    • Census Verification form (from Amanda / the office) OR
    • Print Student Summary from IC and have parent review, mark up any changes, and sign
      PLUS complete Ed Ops Health Form (English or Spanish-coming soon)
  • Parent/Student Rights & Responsibilities (English or Spanish)

Other forms to offer at intake:

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Medication Policy and Forms

The policies and forms for students to carry medication on campus and for staff to administer medication are located on the main FUHSD website at

Physical & Mental Health Resources

This is only a partial listing of the resources available to our students and families at school and in the community. We are always looking to add to this list!

Physical and Mental Health Resources within FUHSD:

Student Advocate - Alisa Dunlap x2239

School Psychologist - Daniel Murphy x7382

District Nurse - Susan Lake x2238

FUHSD Intervention Programs

  • See Alison Coy for more detailed information and to refer a student. Programs include: 
    • 90-minute classes:  drug/alcohol intervention and positive decision making
    • 10-session programs:  drug/alcohol intervention and anger management
    • Strengthening Families program for students and parents together
  • Advent Step Up! Program - intensive substance abuse counseling, 5x/week
    • Referrals: Edward Jonathans, x2248

Crisis Hotlines:

Downloadable quick reference sheet with resources. Staff should review the list and provide one or two resources. NOT INTENDED FOR DISTRIBUTION.

  • Crisis Text Line - - send a text to 741741
  • Anti-Hate Hotline 408-279-0111
  • SOS Crisis Hotline 408-278-2585
  • EMQ (24hr crisis/suicide eval.) 60 day program 408-379-9085
  • Gateway (24hr substance referrals) over 18yr 800-488-9919
  • GLBT National Youth hotline (6am-2pm M-F) 888-843-4564
  • Children Family Community Service (ADVENT) 408-272-6518
  • National Runaway Safeline 24 hours 800-621-4000
  • National Suicide Hotline 24 hours 800-784-2433 800-SUICIDE
  • Next Door (Domestic Violence 24hr crisis line) 408-279-2962
  • Rape Crisis Line (24hr) 408-287-3000
  • Suicide and Crisis (24hr) 855-278-4204
  • California Youth Crisis Line 800-843-5200
  • Spanish (bilingual) Crisis Hotline 800-572-2782

Physical and Mental Health Resources in the Community:

List of Low-Cost Health Clinics / Immunization Resources updated 2016

List of Low-Cost Dental Clinics

Bill Wilson Center -

  • Wide range of services for children, youth, and families - counseling, employment, transitional housing, etc.

CalWORKS Resource Guide 2014 - Click to download

  • A "yellow pages" of community resources in Santa Clara County, including low-income assistance, domestic violence support, services for children, community organizations, and more.

Carrington College Free Dental Hygiene Clinic - Click to download flyer

  • Teeth Cleaning, X-Rays, Sealant, Fluoride Treatment offered free of charge
  • Appointments Monday through Thursday. Call 408-960-0181

Children's Health Initiative - - Click to download flyer in English / in Spanish

  • Helping children 0-18 years old get comprehensive health coverage (Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, Healthy Kids)
  • Call 1-888-244-5222 to enroll

Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC) -

  • Mental health services in Mountain View
  • Services provided on sliding scale

Columbia Neighborhood Center -

  • Family medical services; health insurance enrollment for children
  • Located on campus of Columbia Middle School
  • Work out facilities and Zumba classes ($1.00 per visit), legal consults and more! Click to download fact sheet

Covered California -

  • California's new health insurance exchange, where individuals, families and small businesses can find affordable health insurance
  • The following agencies will assist families with enrolling in Covered California:
    • The Health Trust - (408)961-9893
    • Asian Americans for Community Involvement- (408) 975-2730
    • Foothill Health Center- (408) 755-3904
    • Gardner Health Services- (408) 794-0507
    • Healthier Kids Foundation Santa Clara County- (408) 564-5114 - click to download flyer
    • Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley- (408) 445-3400
    • MayView Community Health Center- (650) 965-3323
    • North East Medical Services- (408) 573-9686
    • Ravenswood Family Health Center- (650) 330-7400
    • School Health Clinics of Santa Clara County- (408) 284-2286

Emergency Food Resources

Foothill Community Health Center -

Indian Health Center of Silicon Valley -

  • Medical, dental, and other services for low-income and uninsured from infants to elderly.
  • Flyer for kids' dental care: click to download

LGBTQ Youth and Family Resources

  • Click to download extensive list of resources from Department of Children and Family Services

Lions Club - contact Admin

  • Assistance with affordable eyeglasses for students

Mountain View Teen and Young Adult Health Clinic -

Pediatric Immunization and Child Care Staff Immunization Resources

RotaCare Bay Area -

  • Free primary, quality healthcare services to uninsured families & individuals with limited ability to pay for medical care in the Bay Area.
  • Mountain View Clinic open Monday through Friday by appointment -
  • For appointment, call 650-988-8200 on Mondays or Wednesdays at 2:00pm and press option #4.

Students/Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

SpringTide Transitional Living Program -

  • A division of Bill Wilson Center
  • Fee-for-service transitional living center for young adults ages 18-24

Sunnyvale Community Counseling Center -

  • Counseling services on a sliding scale.

Valley Health Clinic Sunnyvale (Fair Oaks) -

  • Valley Health Center and Express Care location

If you know of other resources, please send an email so we can add them to this list.

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All reimbursable expenditures must be approved by Admin prior to purchase. After your purchase, you will submit a Job Expense Reimbursement Form, accompanied by your receipt(s). The Job Expense Reimbursement Form is now submitted online via a digital form, found at

Job Expense Reimbursement Form

Preparing Attachments:

  • Before you sit down to complete the Job Expense Reimbursement Form, scan your receipts so that they are ready to attach and submit.
  • Receipts should be for reimbursable items only (separate transaction from personal purchases).
  • Keep original receipts for your records.
  • If you are submitting receipts for food:
    • For a small group, attach list of attendees
    • For a big group/event, attach list of invitees (eg the calendar invite for the event showing all invited parties, or a class list, etc.)

Completing Reimbursement Form:

  • Send Check To -- List your department & contact person (aka Ed Ops/Amanda Evans; Transitions/Susan Pearson)
    • If it is within 3 weeks of the end of the school year and you are not working in summer, list your mailing address instead.
  • Description of Expense -- List the name of the store or vendor ONLY (e.g. “Safeway”)
  • Rationale/Justification -- List a very BRIEF and GENERAL rationale: “Supplies for XXX Program” or “Postage for XXX Program”
  • Account Code -- leave blank; Ed Ops Support Specialist to fill in.

Submitting Reimbursement Form:

  • Digitally sign and date
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the gray Add Attachment button to upload your receipts.
  • A pop-up will appear. Select the appropriate support person from the pull-down and click "Send to this Recipient."
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your submission, and another email once your form has been approved.

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Shared Folder for Ed Ops Staff

How to Access the Ed Ops Staff shared folder:

Selected Ed Ops staff members have access to the Ed Ops Staff shared folder. This folder is a place where Admin will place additional resources for staff, but also a place where staff can share resources with each other, store documents for easier collaboration, and so forth. It is locked for viewing only by Ed Ops staff, so you may post student information such as transcripts, grades, etc. without breaching confidentiality. 

To access our Ed Ops Staff shared folder:

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window (NOT Internet Explorer, but Windows Explorer - things like your Documents folder, My Computer folder, etc. are all Windows Explorer folders).
  2. Click in the white space in the address bar, to the right of any text. This should make the file path go away and leave you a blank box in which you may type.
  3. Type \\escfs2\ed ops staff\, then hit enter.
  4. Once you've arrived at the Ed Ops Staff shared folder, make a copy of the Shortcut to Ed Ops Staff and place on your desktop so you don't have to go through this process again!

Note: This link will only work when you are connected to FUHSD's network, on campus. It is not cloud-based, so will not work from home.

If you do not currently have access and need it, please send an email so we can add you.

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Student Account Access

Student accounts (FUHSD email/Google account, etc) are automatically created once a student is enrolled.

All new student accounts will have a temporary password that must be reset before they can access any resources.  Initial passwords in Active Directory are still their DOB: MMDDYYYY.  The easiest way is to use and use the CHANGE PASSWORD feature.  Otherwise they can still log into a campus Active Directory computer and change their password that way.  All passwords must be 8 characters in length.


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Site Attendance Conferences

Site Attendance Conference Process for Ed Ops

Ed Ops Case Managers will lead Site Attendance Conferences, a required intervention after student receives Truancy Letter #2.

Scheduling the Conferences:

  • Dean and Ed Ops Specialist conduct regular reviews of attendance and send out a Truancy Review email, which will include a list of students due for Site Attendance Conference.
  • Case Managers contact parents to schedule the meeting.
  • Case Managers invite Dean, Guidance Counselor, LRS (if student has an IEP), and Student Advocate or School Psychologist if student works with them) to the conference. They may not always attend but need to be kept in the loop.

During the Conference:

  • The Site Attendance Conference is a problem-solving meeting, an intervention in an attempt to change behavior and get student buy-in to improve their attendance.
  • Using the Site Attendance Conference Form, Case Managers will guide student and parent to brainstorm how a high school education figures into the student's long-term goals, what is keeping student away from school, what might help them come to school more, and then make an action plan to improve the student's attendance.
    • Case Managers will use their discretion when agreeing to "School Commitments" on the action plan which are outside their control. Example: Case Manager/student/parent might agree on a schedule change, but Case Manager would say "This is the tentative plan, but I have to run it by the Guidance Counselor before it's confirmed in case there's something we are not aware of."
  • At the end of the conference, Case Manager will give student/parent a copy of the form to keep for their reference.

After the Conference:

  • Case Manager keeps a copy of the form for their reference, and scans a copy to any other staff members who need to be informed of the plan and/or implement the School Commitments (Guidance Counselor for schedule change, for example).
  • Case Manager documents meeting and Action Plan in Student Contact Log
  • Case Manager gives completed Site Attendance Conference Form to Ed Ops Specialist who documents in IC Truancy and Ed Ops Truancy Tracking doc.

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Staff Absence Procedure


Planned Absences

  1. If you plan in advance to take time off, you must get prior, written approval. Email your supervisor.
  2. Once you receive confirmation that your absence is approved, enter it into AESOP.
    • Be sure to adjust start and end times. AESOP doesn't know our bell schedules!
  3. Arranging for a substitute:
    • Teaching staff - AESOP will default to "Substitute Required." Once you submit your absence, the system will automatically contact available subs and fill the position.
      • HR has built a list of preferred substitutes for Ed Ops, who will be offered the job first before the general substitute pool.
      • If you have made arrangements with a particular (district approved and registered) sub to cover your absence, then you will need to assign the absence to that sub when you enter the absence in AESOP. (Ask Amanda if you need help!)
      • If you think that your absence could be covered internally, please consult your Administrator. If internal coverage is confirmed, then select “No Sub Required” when entering the absence in AESOP.
    • All others - “No Sub Required” will be selected by default. Make sure to talk with your Administrator about whether a sub will be needed, and for what hours.

Last-Minute Absences

Of course we all get sick, have family emergencies, and so on. As soon as you learn that you must be absent the same day or the next day, enter your absence in AESOP immediately.

  • Teachers, be sure to leave “Substitute Required” selected so that a sub will be called.

  • Be sure to adjust start and end times so the sub is given the correct information.

  • If it is close to your start time, AESOP will not allow you to enter an absence. In this case, email your supervisor, any colleagues who will be affected, and Amanda. Amanda will enter in AESOP.

Professional Development / Release Days

Treat assigned Professional Development or other release days like any other planned absence. Enter in AESOP and allow for a sub to be called unless you have made arrangements with a particular sub or arranged internal coverage.

Partial Day Absences

Any absences of 1 hour or more, whether sick, vacation, personal, bereavement, etc., should be logged in AESOP. If you cannot log your time, contact your supervisor.

Enter Absences BEFORE They Happen

Enter upcoming absences in AESOP as soon as you know you will be absent. (This is especially crucial if you need a sub, but is always best practice!) If you do not enter your absence in AESOP, email Amanda so she can enter for you retroactively.

How to Access the AESOP System

Phone:     1-800-942-3767

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Student Attendance Procedure

Attendance Log

Community School and Ed Ops diploma program staffs will keep a log of attendance contacts with parents using a Google Sheets spreadsheet shared with your attendance tech. The attendance tech will use this log to code student absences.

Absence Reasons

Staff receiving absence notification from parents must use the following six options to clearly communicate absence information to the attendance tech:

  1. Parent reported illness
  2. Parent reported medical appointment (include time of appointment)
  3. Parent reported bereavement (1 day for immediate family member only)
  4. Parent reported other (list reason school activity, all-state band, college trip, family vacation, etc. etc.)
  5. Tardy – # minutes
  6. No parent contact

Digital Verification of Attendance

FUHSD uses a digital verification system for attendance. If you are concerned about your attendance, you may review a log of all changes made to your attendance in IC. To run this report, go to Instruction > Reports > Attendance Change Tracking.

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Ed Ops Supplies

Basic Office Supplies

Ed Ops Supply Closet is located in the Ed Ops Office, behind the Ed Ops Conference Room. In the supply cabinet, you will find pens, pencils, white-out, paper clips, post-its, folders, FUHSD envelopes, and other basic office supplies. 

Supply Cabinet guidelines:

  1. Send an email when you take the next-to-last of something.
  2. Take only what you need.
  3. Leave the cabinet neat, tidy, and organized.

Other Classroom/Office Supplies
If you need an item not stocked in the Ed Ops Supply Closet, you have two options:

  1. (PREFERRED OPTION for best pricing) Our office supplies vendor --
    • Send an email describing what you need.
    • Orders arrive in 2-3 business days; if timing is critical, please indicate in your email.
  2. Purchase on your own --
    • With prior approval from Admin, buy what you need at a store.
    • Follow instructions above to prepare your reimbursement request. 

Toner for Printers/Copiers

Toner is ordered from a specialty vendor and may take 1-2 weeks to arrive, so please send Amanda an email as soon as the “low toner” light goes on. Include the make/model of the printer and the ID# from the CPO sticker.

Ordering Other Items
Need other items? Contact your Admin. If your request is approved for purchase, Amanda or Donna will submit it to the purchasing process. You can expect to see your item within 3-4 weeks on average, though it is sometimes longer, depending on the shipping time from the vendor – so plan ahead!

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